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Hello and welcome to our website "howtotakegoodphotos.com". We have a passion for taking photos and want you to enjoy taking them to. No longer is taking photographs reserved for the privileged few who can afford to own ultra expensive high end cameras. There are many great affordable digital cameras out there in the market place now and almost all modern smart phones and tablets double up as cameras.
Our website is intended for photographers of all levels from complete novices to seasoned pros to learn from and interact with. Throughout our web site you will find many photography tips, tricks, techniques, tools and resources that we have sourced together along with our own photography experiences that we hope will inspire and empower you to improve your photography skills and learn how to take good photos.
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Are you a photography novice?

Then don't worry, you've come to the right place to learn how to take good photos. we explain everything in plain simple english no techno bable here. Use the many relevant photography tools and resources we have sourced for you, such as good photography practice, tips and tricks, ebooks, magazines, editing and security software, teaching courses, stock agents and much more. All are contained throughout the pages of our site. So have a browse and start having some finger clicking good fun.  Learn from our and other experienced photographers how to take good photos and start having your own photography experiences.

Already know how to take good photos?

Then why not pass on your photography knowledge and your photographic experiences. Share your own tips and tricks with other aspiring photographers to learn from. Browse our galleries and add your own photos to our Guests gallery. Are you thinking of buying new equiptment and want some advice? Maybe our kit bag accessories reviews can help.


Whatever your level of photography skills if you've got a photo that you've taken and are particularily proud of, then email it to us via our contact us page and show it off in our guests gallery. Does it have a story behind it? Then write an article to go with it and upload that to. We welcome all your non offensive content.