Tools For Photographers

There are many great resources and tools for photographers available out there to assist people of all photography levels and abilities. These include books, magazines, software, printing services, photo resizing services, photography learning courses, camera repairs and web hosting services to help you share and show off your photography to the world. 

Photography magazines

There is wide a variety of good quality glossy photography magazines available to buy or subscribe to, many of which are also avaliable in digital form. If you have a kindle or other digital book reader you can even download some magazines for free. Some magazines are content specific such as "Landscape Photography" magazine and "Outdoor photography" magazine while others are more general non specific magazines such as "Amature photographer" magazine or "Digital Camera" magazine. 

Photography books

As well as magazines there are many great books both conventional and electronic that cover every aspect of photography you could ever wish to read about. The Handbook of Bird Photography is a very well written and useful book to learn bird photography techniques from. It is available in both paperback and electronic kindle form from Amazon along with many other great photography books.
beginers photography book
comp;ete photography course book

Software tools for photographers

Photo editing and correction software such as "Photoshop" and "Paint Shop Pro" are very popular with photographers for "touching up" and presenting their work. They are also useful for adding effects after the shot has been taken if a filter lens was not used when the photo was taken. This type of software also has many other other uses for photographers such as watermarking, organizing and resizing photos along with removing unwanted objects not wanted in the photograph. These are to name but a few uses. 

Printing services

Despite the fact that modern day home printers can achieve a very high quality photo reproduction, professional printing services remain very popular, Not only can they produce large size prints for the photographer they can also print onto items such as mugs, bags and novelty goods to produce re-saleable merchandise. We used the " Awesome Merchandise " printing company to produce our own the DUPATER crew merchandise.

Camera repair services

We hope it never happens to you but if it does and you manage to break your much loved camera, don't despair! The chances are that it can probably be repaired we have not been in the situation where we have had need of a camera repair service as such so we cannot comment on or recommend one. However, if you need to use one just use google or Bing, there are plenty about.

Photo resizing tools for photographers.

photo resizing can be done within most photo editing software but if you don't own such software you can get your photos resized for free online at

Online photography learning courses.

Online distance learning courses are a great way to learn in your own home and in your own time. Study towards an accredited qualification. Benefit from the help and advise of your own designated tutor. As in fact we did, we received our NCFE accredited level three certificate of achievement in photography during September 2015. Be very careful when choosing an online course though, be sure about the qualification you will earn on completion of the course. Some web sites lure you in with lots of great looking photos but you don't actually earn an accredited or industry recognized qualification. We used " UK Distenande Learning & Publishing ".

Web hosting tools for photographers

Your own website gallery is a great place to show off your photos. Don' be put off by not having any HTML or CSS skills because these days you don't need them to create a website. Be clear on what your needs are and just what you are paying for though as some web hosting companies will entice you in with a cheap basic package. You may then need to upgrade later to a more featured package to meet your needs.