Selling Photography Online

Selling photography online through stock photography websites.

Selling photography online is not as easy as some people make it out to be. This is especially true if you are trying to sell your photos through stock photography websites, Don't be fooled by the hype selling through these type of sites has become extremely difficult, we know we've tried. The first thing you should understand about these sites is that they all stock literally millions of photos. Great news for their customers but not so good for you and me. With so many photos held in stock that's a lot of competition to contend with. Your photos will likely as not be lost in the crowd only to be seen very occasionally. Plus, even if your photos sell they will only sell for a few pennies each. 
That is not to say that selling through these sites can't be done. It can but it will take a lot of time, effort and knowledgeable use of the correct key words to achieve any results. All the photos that you submit for sale at these sites will be put through a rigorous quality control check and you will likely have a lot of rejections to start with. This can be a good learning tool for new photographers though and should be viewed as such. Correcting these rejections will improve your photography just don't expect to make mass sales through these sites. It is far better to have a portfolio of your photography displayed online on your own website. 

Selling photography online by having your own website

In our opinion selling photography online through your own web site is a much better option than trying to sell through stock photo agencies. Many people though are put off the idea because they do not have any CSS or HTML web building skills. Dont be put off because, although good to have, you no longer need these skills to create a great website. That's because most web hosting sites will have ready made site templates for you to choose from and automatic software that does all the technical work for you. You just place the things you want where you want them on the page then press build button and hey presto it's done.
Pretty cool huh? Well yes, but make sure that the web hosting package you buy fits your needs. For example, some hosts restrict you on the number of pages that you can create others may restrict certain tools or resources. Then as your portfolio grows or you need to use the tools and resources, guess what? Yep! you have to pay to upgrade. Check through thoroughly exactly what the hosting company is offering you. It's your website showcasing your photography so be sure of what you're buying to avoid costly upgrades later. 
 Another important point to remember is to make sure when you create your website and display your portfolio online that you protect your photographs. Watermarking photos and copywriting photos will go a long way in preventing your photography from being downloaded and used without your permission. 
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Selling photography to magazines

Ok so maybe not strictly selling photography online, but it is a lucrative avenue to go down if you can break into it. Do your research and find some magazines that fit your style and topic of photography. Locate the editors email address in the magazine or on the magazines website and mail them. Keep it short and include half a dozen of your best photos for them to look at and include a link back to your web portfolio where they can check out the rest of your work. Don't spam them but give them a gentle reminder every couple of months with a few more photos.
Alternatively post the editor a physical cd loaded with your work that they can look at as and when they want to. Having your photos there on hand could be just the key to persuade the editor to give you a call.