Photography Subjects

What are the best photography subjects to start taking photos of? We've been asked this question more than a few times now and the answer is always the same. Whatever floats your boat, if you have a passion for something then photograph it, It's that simple, use that passion. There are so many great photography subjects surrounding you in your everyday life why restrict yourself,  just shoot what comes naturally
Big spider
From our beastly little spider on the left to the pretty pink flower on the right. In photography the world really is your oyster. So get out there and get that finger clicking. Here are a few subject ideas to help you on your way and a few tips to help you shoot them.
Spikey oink plant

Seasonal Photography Subjects

The ever changing seasonal photography is one of our favorite photography subjects.
Spring Photography - Catch all the freshness of spring with all the new growing plants such as tulips and daffodils as mother nature wakes from her slumbers.
Summer Photography - Polish up your camera for summer as the BBQs come out and people flock to the beaches.

Autumn Photography  - Catch the Vibrant colours  of autumn as leaves come tumbling to the ground and the conkers are gathered and the conker fights begin.

Winter Photography  - The temperatures may be dropping but the bonfires will keep you warm as fireworks explode in the sky. Get that picture that no one else has got of the real father Christmas. Fairy lights twinkle on the streets and houses to illuminate Santa's way.

Animal photography

Taking photos of wildlife animals can be a difficult task often requiring patience and planning but is generally well worth the time and effort needed to be put in.

Architectural photography

There are many great and historic buildings, bridges and stuctures all over the UK but be careful though some may want to charge you for the privilege. 

Beach Photography

Sometimes thought of as a summer only subject. With boats sailing all year round, crashing waves, sea spray and objects washed up onto the beach that couldn't be further from the truth.

With nearly all modern day cameras and smart phones having a landscape or panorama mode this is a great way of photographing a large area. There are some truly stunning landscapes out and about across the UK. It is not going to take much to find one so take your camera for a hike and get your finger clicking. The lake photo at the top of this page we took using panorama mode.

Macro Photography

With a fantastic macro world hidden all around us such as tiny plants and insects all you need to do is be aware that it exists to realize the potential here. A lot of practice may be required to really do the subject justice.

We are a nation of great pet lovers so although taking pictures of them may not be easy we'll love the results when we can keep them still long enough to get the photo.


Scanography is an exciting and unconventional new form of photography where you take photos without using a camera or a smartphone. Yes you did read it right a photography subject you can take part in without using a camera!  So how can this be done? The clue is in the name "scanography". You can take some great photos by using a scanner. To learn more about scanography and view some unique photos visit one of the pioneers of scanography at

Shallow under water Photography

The perfect subject for when you are in holiday mode. Take your underwater camera with you to the coral reefs.

Street Photography

Take a walk down any street there is always something going on it probably will not be long before you find something to point your camera at.

Wildflower Photography

With all the different wildflowers growing in abundance naturally throughout the UK just take a walk across a meadow or along a country lane to see that this is a subject any budding photographer can enjoy.