Copyrighting Photos

What is copyright and why should I be copyrighting my  photos?

Copyrighting photos allows you the exclusive right to make and sell copies of your photos, to display your photos in public and to license them to be used by others. If you own the copyright to something you have legal protection to stop others from copying or using whatever it is you own the copyright to. They must ask your permission first and you are free to negotiate a license, be it paid or unpaid, outlining how and for how long they can use your copyrighted item.

So how do I go about copyrighting my photos?

Good news! You will be pleased to know that as soon as your finger clicks down onto your shutter release button you automatically own the copyright to the photograph that your camera creates. You should now add the copyright symbol to your photo. 

Watermarking and adding the copyright symbol to your photos.

copyright symbol
Watermarking photos involves the use of photo editing software to embed the copyright symbol and text into your image. We use the software " uMark " which is very easy to use and comes in both a free and paid for edition. At a cost of around £13 we would recommend using the paid for version. Another good alternative is to use the Coral Paint Shop Po or adobe photo shop software.

Registering your copyright

You don’t have to include the © with your photo as it is not required by law, but the addition of “©theDUPATERcrew 2014” tells everyone that the DUPATER crew have declared copyright ownership of this photo since 2014. However, proving you took the photo and therefore own the copyright in a situation where someone has used your photo without your consent could be difficult unless you register your copyright. 
To do this you need to contact your country's copyright office. For the United Kingdom go to the  UK copyright service  (for our american friends go to In the UK we can register by post or online. Online registration though is both quicker and cheaper than postal registration. You can register a single image or thousands of images at a time and the registration lasts for either five or ten years depending on which registration you choose to purchase. You also pay the same fee whether you register one photo or a batch of thousands so it would make sense to register all your photos in one go.